Helicopter Alliance

Are you a helicopter commercial charter operator flying your passengers with the highest level of quality and safety? Do you wish to be part of a global organisation? Then the Luxaviation helicopter Charter alliance is something for you!

We connect the best helicopter operators across the world in a global alliance for the benefits of both the passengers who wish to find a trustworthy helicopter charter company- and the operators who wish to be more visible for the international clients.

As an operator, you gain access to a global group of aviation experts in all areas of the commercial sector. We can support you with operations, manuals, procedures, client services, training, legal, procurement and maintenance support. On top of this, you will get access to attractive insurance coverages, fuel cards and other preferential contracts. If you are buying or selling your helicopters- why not first markets them within the alliance? Do you need advice on pre-buy inspections? We can support you!

We can do this globally together under the alliance!

  • Global Network

    A global network connecting the best operators with the clients who wishes to charter a helicopter. All members are commercial authorized helicopter operators and on top of the required national audits by the civil aviation authority, we require additional audit of the safety management systems.

  • Visibility

    We help you gain visibility for the passengers from other regions of the world who do not know which helicopter company to charter from. There are more than 5000 helicopter companies in the world, but most likely as a passenger, you only know local companies- so whom shall you call when travelling to other parts of the world?

  • International Fleet

    Make use of our global business jet fleet for whenever your client needs a jet transfer. Our global broker desks are open for your requests 24/7. Just contact us, join our alliance and become member of the family.

  • 安全

    Commercial helicopter operations are amongst the safest means of transportation today. We wish to promote the high-quality operators and to positively influence the public opinion about helicopter transportation!


Azur Helicopter 公司

Azur Helicopter 公司提供阿尔卑斯山与蔚蓝海岸之间的往返接送服务,全年无休。我们在里昂、戛纳、尼斯和圣特罗佩设有服务点,在冬季还会在高雪维尔 (Courchevel) 和葱仁谷 (Val Thorens) 开设服务点,确保提供优质的定制服务。



HeliFlite 是美国一家历史悠久的 VIP 飞机业务营运商,提供往返于纽约、芝加哥和佛罗里达州的包机服务。作为获得 Wyvern Wingman 认证和 ARGUS 白金认证(美国最高级别的安全评级)的飞机业务营运商,HeliFlite 以其严格的安全标准而享有盛誉。



Starspeed is one of the oldest and most trusted corporate and VIP helicopter management, charter and training companies in Europe. We have been delivering our unique blend of aviation expertise for over 30 years and we currently operate 15 aircraft.



PhilJets Group is an experienced major player in the Philippine aviation industry. With a team combining more than 15 years of experience and with our partners, our aim is to address the growing need of helicopters and jets charter, not only in the Philippines but also throughout the entire ASEAN region.


Heli Austria

Heli Austria, Heli Tirol and Martin Air Rescue helicopters have been serving our customers for over 30 years. In that time, we have expanded our field of operations to the whole of Austria and neighbouring countries, as well as expanding and perfecting our range of services according customer requirements.



Acher Aviation

Acher 是符合 OGP 标准的第 127 部分(营运)和第 141 部分(培训)获许可营运商。过去 13 年里,该公司专门从事全天候海上服务活动。


Icon 航空

Icon 航空由巴西公务机市场上的两大主要运营商(CB 航空和 Global 航空)联合创立。公司提供飞机租赁、托管、分散式所有权、销售与购买以及固定营运飞机基地(FBO)服务。



电话号码:+352 42 52 52 44
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